Prooftag on Estate bottle neck

Blankiet Estate has been the pioneer in the USA in providing collectors the best method to authenticate their purchases. Since the 2005 vintage, we have applied a special security seal called a Bubble Tag™ to each of our flagship bottles guaranteeing their origin and integrity. Like a retina scan this unique seal cannot be counterfeited. Consumers can access detailed information about each bottle via internet or mobile phone. This technology has been adopted by the best estates of the world and has become the standard of the industry.

Bottling line

To authenticate your bottle:

  1. Access the website http://prooftag.com
  2. Type the reference number printed on the Bubble Tag™
  3. Visually compare the position and pattern of bubbles on the seal of your bottle to the recorded picture on the website.
  4. If the configuration matches, your bottle is authentic.
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You can also use an iPhone camera (and the I-Proof app) to take a picture of the Bubble Seal. The application will automatically decode the Matrix, access the Prooftag database and download a picture of the Bubble Tag as well as the description and image of the bottle. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Forbes Report on Wine Authentication

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